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10703501_10152430785879370_3125740839050289042_nWhen Daniella creates a piece for someone, she works with the client to channel the energy of that person into the piece, utilizing the stones, colors, styles, feathers, and other elements the recipient feels drawn towards. The result is a custom work of art that awakens the wearer to higher aspects of themselves. That may be a goddess, beautiful bride, rock star, queen, glamour girl, nature nymph, dominatrix, priestess, or faerie!

She utilizes elements such as feathers, fur, antlers, horns, vintage jewelry, cage veils, and textiles from around the world. You can view her gallery to see if there are combinations of styles you prefer, you can also send photos of elements and themes that inspire you, and images of any clothing you may want your piece to compliment.

Every Plumed Serpent headdress is created to bring out the unique elements of your personality, and make you look and feel divine. When you wear it, you become a living work of art!

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