Queen of the Night music video

Many Plumed Serpent headdresses grace the scenes in my music video, Queen of the Night. Queen of the night is a night blooming Cereus, a delicate cactus flower that blooms under the stars, answering to the call of the moon.
The divine feminine is alive in this video. It was created by a team of women, all amazing and talented in their own right. It was so fun to shoot!!

Music written by Maxilla. Produced by Maxi at Remixlab Studios. Vocals: Daniella White
Direction and effects art by Jacqulynn Schmitz (Jaq Jaq), editing by Zia Sunseri & Jacqulynn Schmitz. Additional direction and footage by Sequoia Emmanuelle.
The Four Muses: Sequoia EmmanuelleAlexandra MathewsAshley Joy BeckAradia Julia Sunseri.
Make up artists: Julie Bee & Ashley Joy Beck
Stylists: Jessica Huerta & Daniella White
Hair by Sabrina Sanchez.
Cello: John Frederick Ames & Clark Battle.

Align Gallery Show

10417755_10152941898689370_7355517986064373090_nIt was an honor to be in a gallery show with my dear co-creative partner Sequoia Emmanuelle in Los Angeles. A big thank you to Align Gallery owner Selamawit Mekonen! The beautiful glamazons who are our friends and muses mingled with the crowd while decked out in wild headdresses and snakeskin catsuits.


Sequoia’s lavish photographs graced the walls, as did my latest creations. We also held a viewing of my new music , Queen of the Night video release for my musical project Maxilla. The video is full of headdresses of course, featuring our glamazons and directed by Sequoia and Jaq Jaq.


Sequoia Emmanuelle’s book release party 3/14


Sequoia Emmanuelle is an artist, photographer, collaborator, and dear friend who has been a great inspiration to me. We first met when I hired her for one of my first Plumed Serpent photo shoots in April of 2011, and the experience took my work to another level. She brought me into her artistic sphere, sharing a world of vibrant color, glamour, beauty, style, and empowerment. Our collaborations continue to grow into something that moves well beyond fashion or glamour, tapping into a deeper level of expression. It’s soul expression, it’s shamanic, and it’s beyond anything I imagined when we first began collaborating. I feel like we are only getting started.


I never expected that a photo shoot could be the element that facilitates the highest expression of my headdresses. We create a world around them, with so many elements and talented people involved: hair stylists, make up artists, models, styling, location, set design, headdresses, and the eye that captures it all. When shooting finally begins it’s exhilarating. And when the entire process is complete, I am always blown away by the beauty of the images, and the synergy it took to make it all happen. Sequoia creates images that are more like paintings, avant garde works of art imbued with her magic and creativity.


On March 6th 2014, an eclectic crowd of gypsies, artists, dancers, and fashionable wild beauties gathered at Unici Casa in Los Angeles to celebrate Sequoia’s Kickstarter campaign to fund her first photography book release. It was a success! The book should be in our hot little hands around December. I am so honored and happy to have one of my favorite images of my headdresses on the cover. And so proud of my soul sister!



IMG_4514Photo by Ken Alkazar.






1376404_10152328921352962_1763715979_nSequoia with our gracious host, Michael Foroutan of Unici Casa.

Dark Beauty Magazine Editorial: Serpentine

We are so happy to be featured in this month’s Dark Beauty magazine. Their theme this issue is Acid Pastels, and the whole issue is gorgeous, with pop singer Kerli on the cover. Once again, Sequoia Emmanuelle and our amazingly talented team delivered to create images that are truly works of art.

Photography: Sequoia Emmanuelle
Make Up: Ashley Joy Beck
Models: Nickie Jean & Alexandra Mathews
Hair: Pavros Esteban Olivarez
Stylist: Ferriss Mason
Nail Art: Destinee Handly


Shoot with Daniel Jung

We love these amazing shots of The Plumed Serpent’s latest collection taken by Daniel Jung! Styled and modeled by Daniella White (the artist) and Sequoia Emmanuelle (usually behind the camera in our shoots). Make up by Ashley Joy Beck, hair by Hayley Farrington.











Desert Jewels

Our latest photo shoot with Sequoia Emmanuelle photography, taken at Vasquez Rocks. It was a fiery desert dream come true!

Models Kerrie Kordowski-Jensen (of Opal Moon Designs) and Daniella White (the designer herself) summoned the power of their inner wild woman, had a shot of the finest whiskey, and showed some love to the camera. It was a vibrant day in the desert.



S&G Trunk show in Hollywood Jan 28 & 29

Come get your fancy on this weekend at S&G’s Prepare for the Edwardian Party! We will be there showcasing our new one of a kind headdresses, feathery headbands, fascinators and masks to get you looking fabulous for LA’s Edwardian Ball.

Place:  S&G Clothing  7414 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Time:  January 28 & 29 from 1pm-8pm


Malibu Sirens

Our October shoot with Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography was so amazing! Shot in the mountains of Malibu, we created a magical world with models Chanon Finley and Alexandra Mathews, along with make up artist Ashley Joy Beck. Many of the designs are available on my Etsy site.



Exchange LA Fashion Show

We were asked to participate in a fun LA Fashion Week show at the renovated Los Angeles Stock Exchange. It was a wonderful experience!

Photos courtesy Daniel James O’Connell.



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